Opening Saturday December 14th, 7 - 10pm
Gauntlet Gallery
Sex, Drugs, Money & Guns
Gauntlet Gallery- Sex, Drugs, Money & Guns Group Show
Gauntlet Gallery- Sex, Drugs, Money & Guns Group Show

Opening Reception: Saturday December 14th, 7-10 PM
Showing through January 18, 2014

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Gauntlet Gallery is pleased to present our 1 Year Anniversary Show: Sex, Drugs, Money & Guns. In just 12 months Gauntlet Gallery has made a name for itself within the art world by featuring a variety of diverse and incredibly talented local and international artists. Curator Luke Lombardo has chosen artists for the anniversary show that have helped in building the gallery’s foundation and represent the direction to come. The opening reception will be held Saturday, December 14th, 2013, from 7 - 10pm. The show will be on display through January 18th, 2014 and is free and open to the public.

Sex, Drugs, Money & Guns. Ever present in our everyday lives, each component forces the individual to honestly examine their own potential for lust, gluttony, greed and aggression while we contemplate the risk and cost of experiencing them fully. This forces us to ask whether we seek the orgasm, the high, wealth, or violence, or whether we simply want to experience the actions and reactions surrounding them. Sex, Drugs, Money & Guns are all controversial topics precisely because they trigger visceral emotional responses and Gauntlet Gallery is proud to present such a stimulating and thought provoking show.

The show will feature works by Alec Huxley, Famous When Dead, Ben Clarke, Brianna Angelakis, Claudia Bicen, DYoungV, Desiree Chung, Edith LeBeau, Gina Kiel, Giulio Rossi, Helen Bayly, Helice Wen, Jason John, Jeff Ramirez, Jenny Liz Rome, Johannah O'Donnell, John Wentz, Jonathan Bergeron, Juuri, Kellen Breen, Keith Rein, Lisa Pisa, Nick Flatt, Ransom & Mitchell, Robert Bowen, Ryan Milner, Ruben Ireland, Serge Gay Jr., Syd Bee, Wednesday Kirwan, Xiau-Fong Wee, Lauren YoungSmith and William Arvin.

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Gauntlet Gallery- Sex, Drugs, Money & Guns Group Show

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