Brandon Bird

Los Angeles, CA

Brandon Bird was born in 1980 in Carmichael, California and was an artist-residence for 2 years at Risley after attending UCSC. Bird's main medium is oil paints on canvas but he also plays with pen, ink, and digital mediums. He describes himself as a surrealistic, realistic pop artist who is fascinated with celebrities because they are known by millions who will never meet them. His work places pop icons in absurd situations and is a unique take on people that are generally portrayed a specific way. Bird's bizarre, hysterical and smart work is a perfect example why humor plays a vital role in art.


      Original Artwork

    • Goldblum study

    • sold

      Orbach study

    • Two Heads of Justice

    • Woolly Norris

    • sold

      Nuclear Family

    • Dr. Huang

    • Stabler

    • Mr. Boss Man

    • Benson Saves

    • Finn

    • You're the One!

    • Elite Unit

    • DA Cabot

    • Criminal Intent

    • Nemean Magnum

    • sold


    • The Serpent Tiger

    • Daily Commuter

    • The Ol' Squid-Arm Trick

    • Sad Munch

    • Actor #1 (surprise)

    • Actor #2 (wonder)

    • Actor #3 (intensity)

    • sold

      Portrait of T

    • Aladdin

    • sold

      Unkillable Claw-Man

    • What if Frasier Joined the Fantastic Four?

    • sold

      Norton by Bird

    • Metalhawk

    • Pterodactylus Probes for a Meal

    • Tentacle study

    • Lennie Bieber

    • sold


    • Galvatron (Dying Transformer)

    • Goldblum X-ray

    • Tyler Perry Walker

    • Nicolas Cage

    • sold

      Rollins Sackrace

    • Frasier Sketch

    • sold

      Mr. T Caroling

    • Shia Lebeouf

    • Michael Bay Sketch

    • Michael Bay Lounging

    • Michael Bay Bowtie

    • sold

      Law & Order Team

    • TransformerLion

    • sold


    • sold

      Jack McCoy

    • Ayk Danroyd

    • sold

      Bob Ross

    • sold

      Law & Order Coloring Page

    • Detective Munch


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