Principia (print)

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Alec Huxley anchors this body of work with his signature style of iconic and suit clad figures which seem to be suspended between dimensions or speak to ones consciousness slipping from reality to that of a lucid dream all the while traveling through and viewing these scenarios through the lens of a vintage space helmet. Conceptually, Alec?s subjects seem to be sourced from historical Americana and subcultures that exude a renegade ambience when remembered, like the beatnik movement or the whisky runners of the prohibition era. His ability to seamlessly overlap conceptual ideas, create a similar illusion like that of a locomotive resting on the ocean floor. -Micah LeBrun

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Alec Huxley (B. 1980) is a painter based in San Francisco, California. His work is representational, anchored by haunting cityscapes definitively of the American West Coast and the ghostly remnants of it's historic migration. These backdrops serve as theater for space travelers and wild animals and as well as imperfect records of place, time and architecture. He is self taught with experience in printing, graphic design and photography.



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