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Gauntlet Canvas Collection strives to provide the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in all of our products which are made using high quality archival materials. Our canvas artwork comes professionally gallery wrapped, stretched over 1.5 inch wooden bars. Gauntlet Canvas Collection also works with each artist to extend their artwork to wrap around the edges of the frame. This unique process provides a superior product and greatly enhances the look of the print. The result is extremely close to an original work with clean lines and no visible staples once it is hung on your wall. Unlike other print methods, gallery wrapped canvases don’t require any costly framing.

Ruben Ireland is an illustrator of strength. There is strength in the jaw-lines of his portraits, in the graphic execution of the finished product and the colours which jump out from the work. In-between the red-raw hands stroking outwards of ‘Paint or Die Trying’ and the half-manhalf-ram creations of ‘Amalgamations’ sits a world of dark fairy-tales. These are portraits which stare out stoically awaiting the judgement of the viewer. Girls tend to birds with eyes covered or stare face-to-face with horned, blacked out animals. There is no room for cowardice or worry; there is an acceptance and silent acknowledgement of unspoken understanding between beast, human and viewer. Enter the world of darkened reality and séance-like peace… Jade French - As You Are Magazine



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  • Cixi

  • Still Tonight

  • New Way Warrior

  • Only You

  • News From Afar

  • This City II

  • Martha

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    Out Of Body

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  • Your Darkest Everything

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  • Mäda Primavesi

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  • Out Of Body

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  • Daft

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  • No Such Thing As Nothing (By Night)


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